Wales in a Day by Tony Ray!

Wales in a Day by Tony Ray!
21st July 2018
Tony Ray did the Wales in a Day cycling challenge for the MHMT!

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Tony has wanted to do an event to support the MHMT for a long time. He did the Wales in a Day event on 21st July, just after the thirteenth anniversary of 7/7.

Wales in a Day is an extreme cycling challenge, covering 185 miles from Caernarfon on the North Wales coast to Chepstow on the southern border. Tony's training was strenuous, leaving him hospitalised on one occasion!

Funds raised support Miriam's Vision: A Response to the 2005 London Bombings.

Tony said: "I'm supporting the MHMT because I believe that violent extremism is a fundamental threat - to each of us individually and to the whole concept of civilisation as we know it. Fighting fire with fire may curb it, but tackling the root cause is the only way to defeat it. Miriam's Vision is designed to do exactly that, and I feel very privileged to be a tiny part of the movement to bring this teaching program to schools, helping to nurture an inclusive society rather than a divided one. Riding across Wales in a day was a huge challenge for me, but the real challenge will be to educate our kids that we are all the same - not different - and Miriam's Vision is the best tool available to deliver that message."

Click here to visit Tony's JustGiving page, see his training updates and sponsor him - thank you!

Will YOU or someone you know do your own fundraiser for the MHMT....?!