Tricycle Miriam Hyman Art Prize 2009

Tricycle Miriam Hyman Art Prize 2009
23rd September 2009
Winner: Ashleigh Thompson. Special Commendations: Antoinette Noel, Itai Ankrah

The Young Artists Group meets twice weekly after school at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn. They create works motivated by their own ideas under the guidance of Artist in Residence Natalie Ryde. Aged between twelve and eighteen, group members have the chance to explore techniques that help them realise their artistic ambitions.

The Miriam Hyman Memorial Prize for best Young Artist 2009 was awarded to Ashleigh Thompson, aged 14. Ashleigh has a natural flair for art and is a committed member of the group. She received the award on the strength of her piece “Red Horse”, a bold screen-print created from a hand cut template. Antoinette Noel, 18, was commended for her long term commitment and general excellence and Itai Ankrah, 17, for his endeavour.

Tricycle Theatre, Natalie and the Young Artists would like to thank the Hyman Family for their continued support.

Congratulations to Ashleigh, and to Antoinette and Itai. The MHMT thanks Natalie Ryde, Artist in Residence and everyone at the Tricycle for holding the event and helping to perpetuate Miriam's love of the Arts.