Thank you Sam!

Thank you Sam!
22nd March 2014
Sam Rubinstein's Bar Mitzvah donation

On 22 March 2014 Sam Rubinstein had his Bar Mitzvah and decided to donate a percentage of his gift money to the MHMT!

Sam Rubinstein's mum, Judith Vandervelde, was one of Miriam's closest friends. Sam was born in 2001 and Mim spent a lot of time with him. Since the establishment of the MHMT, Sam has been an active supporter and has taken every opportunity to raise money for and awareness of the Trust. Read about Sam's Sponsored Cycle Ride here.

A Bar Mitzvah is the Jewish coming of age ceremony that takes place around the thirteenth birthday. Sam's Bar Mitzvah was on Saturday 22 March.

Here is an extract from Sam's comments on his preparation for the Bar Mitzvah.

"The focus on the Bar Mitzvah is often in the doing; how well you perform, the DJ at the party… These are all outward forms of the Bar Mitzvah... So how will I make this Bar Mitzvah more than something just extravagant? It is the Jewish value of Tzedakah, (a religious obligation to do that which is just) which compelled me to donate a proportion of the money I will receive for my Bar Mitzvah to charity... Nine years ago a dreadful tragedy happened. Our family friend, Miriam Hyman died in the 7/7 attacks on the London tubes and buses. Her memorial, The Miriam Hyman Children’s Eye Care Centre in Bhubaneswar is the charity I have chosen to support."

We are incredibly touched by Sam's generosity and thoughtfulness. Thank you, Sam, and mazel tov!