Target achieved: £20,000 for a Cryostat

Target achieved: £20,000 for a Cryostat
2nd November 2013
The MHMT has achieved its fundraising goal of £20,000 for a Cryostat for the MHCECC

A biological microtome cryostat is a machine that reduces the wait for tissue sample results from five days to fifteen minutes!

There are a lot of benefits:
-Diagnosis is quick and accurate.
Is it cancer or another condition? Accordingly, immediate action can be taken.
-Is treatment complete? If infected cells remain, further treatment can be given during the same surgery.
-The number of procedures is reduced. This results in less physical trauma for the patient and less emotional trauma for the whole family, less expense for the family's travel and accommodation, and better Operating Room availability for more patients.

Here's how it works: Specimens that are soft at room temperature are mounted on a cutting medium (often made of egg white) on a metal "chuck", and frozen to cutting temperature (for example at -20 degrees celsius). Once frozen, the specimen on the chuck is mounted on the microtome. The crank is rotated and the specimen advances toward the cutting blade. Once the specimen is cut to a satisfactory quality, it is mounted on a room temperature clear glass slide, where it will instantaneously melt and adhere. The glass slide and specimen is dried and stained. The entire process from mounting to reading the slide takes ten to twenty minutes, allowing rapid diagnosis in the Operating Room.

Dr Suryasnath Rath, Consultant Oncologist, said, "The Cryostat in the MHCECC will take us to the next level in our fight against cancer. All of us here extend our sincere thanks to you, the MHMT and all involved for the support."

THANK YOU to all our friends and supporters who helped us to provide the Cryostat for the MHCECC.