Rosie, Evie, Ziba and Rachel's Bake Sale

Rosie, Evie, Ziba and Rachel's Bake Sale
27th February 2015
Rosie and her friends raised over £100 for the MHMT!

Two years ago Rosie Gordon's sister held an MHMT benefit Bake Sale at her school and nine-year-old Rosie decided to do the same thing. She got permission to hold the sale at Coldfall Primary School on Friday 27 February and with the help of her friends, Evie, Rachel and Ziba, they baked dozens of cookies and set up a stall after school. They thoughtfully invited Mavis to come along.

Rosie and her friends raised £120.70 for the MHMT! THANK YOU ROSIE, EVIE, RACHEL & ZIBA!

Rosie decided to use half the takings to support "Miriam's Vision: A Response to the 2005 London Bombings", the MHMT's current fundraising project.

In 2011 Sam Rubinstein, who was ten at the time, set himself the challenge of cycling ten miles through the Cotswolds with his dad, Marc, and opened a JustGiving page. He raised more than £600 for the MHMT through this brilliantly simple event!

If these two enterprising young people can organise great yet simple fundraisers, YOU can do it too!

In 2015, the tenth year since the London bombings, the MHMT encourages YOU to hold a fundraiser to support "Miriam's Vision"! Every penny really does help!

Inspire others - let us know about your event. We'd love to post it here on the MHMT website!