Miriam by the Solihull Dance Company

Miriam by the Solihull Dance Company
22nd March 2023

Solihull Dance Company is a talented group of dancers from Solihull School. On 22nd March 2023 they are presenting a piece based on the 7/7 London bombings. It has been inspired by Miriam's story and the piece is called Miriam.

Esther Hyman, Miriam’s sister, will represent the Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust at the performance.

The MHMT is delighted that the dance was stimulated in part by materials from the MHMT website.

Miriam was a talented dancer herself, and was awarded the top grade for GCSE Dance, making the company’s efforts all the more fitting.

Thank you to the Solihull Dance Company and Solihull School Dance department for conceiving, choreographing and performing this piece.