Miriam Hyman Memorial Discussions (MHMD)

Miriam Hyman Memorial Discussions (MHMD)
14th May 2008
Citizenship - Diverse backgrounds- Common ground

Wednesday 12th March 2008 7.00pm
Identity: Tensions between Institutions and the Individual

Ms Shami Chakrabarti, Director, National Council for Civil Liberties
Dr Richard Stone, Alif-Aleph UK, formerly Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Panel member & Chair of the Commission on British Muslims & Islamophobia
Ms Sue MacGregor, CBE

Wednesday 16th April 2008 7.00pm
What Obligations do Communities have Towards Each Other?

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, New North London Synagogue, Finchley
Dr Ziauddin Sardar, author, broadcaster, journalist
Mr Hagai Segal, Lecturer, New York University, London

Wednesday 14th May 2008 7.00pm
Can Communities in the UK Coexist?

Professor Michael Keith, Director of Urban Studies, Goldsmiths College
Mr Steven Douglas, Director, Housing Corporation
Baroness Julia Neuberger, DBE

Running order
7.00 Introduction by a member of the organising committee + introduction of speakers by Chair
7.05 Speaker 1
7.25 Speaker 2
7.45 Q & A

This was a series of three discussions, a very personal response to the bombings of 7th July 2005 and it is the result of some very hard thinking on the part of Mim's family and a small group of close friends. The questions we felt need to be addressed concern the nature of the society in which we live, the legal context in which we operate, and the opportunities that exist for living together peaceably and cohesively. Whilst facing the difficulties and tensions within our society we are cautiously optimistic that we can send out positive messages. These Discussions were intended to honour Miriam's memory through an honest, meaningful and stimulating exchange of ideas, in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The Discussions were not fundraising events and the minimal charge was to cover costs.

The organising committee consisted of John and Mavis Hyman, Hagai Segal, Keren Querfurth, Chris Riley and Caroline Allouf.

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