Mimento - Paintings & Pastels by Miriam Hyman: Exhibition at City Hall and Book

Mimento - Paintings & Pastels by Miriam Hyman: Exhibition at City Hall and Book
19th June 2006
Miriam was known to all her friends as "Mim".

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Her memory was honoured in the most appropriate way over the period of the first anniversary of the London bombings by an exhibition of her paintings and pastels at City Hall, (19th June to 12th July 2006) and the production of an accompanying book, Mimento: Paintings and Pastels by Miriam Hyman including over 100 reproductions of her artwork.

The exhibition was hosted by the then Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, and curated by his Manager for Cultural Affairs, Justine Simons and her Team. Had they been members of our own family, or known Mim themselves, they could not have been more dedicated in their approach to the exhibition. No effort was spared to ensure that the exhibition was a success and we are deeply grateful and appreciative of the fact that we were allowed to become involved completely. Mim's paintings and pastels were exquisitely framed and beautifully grouped and displayed in the atrium gallery in City Hall. We are also indebted to the Mayor for this first opportunity to show Mim's work to coincide with the anniversary. The Private View on 05 July, at which he welcomed and addressed the guests, was a moving and beautiful evening.

Since 2006 the exhibition has been shown in Oxford Town Hall, and we hope it will also be shown in other venues.

To coincide with the exhibition, Andrew Brown (then Commissioning Editor at Thames & Hudson) edited, designed and took responsibility for the production of the accompanying book, Mimento: Paintings and Pastels by Miriam Hyman. Andrew and Mim were fellow students of History of Art and French at University College, London (1991-1995). Had it not been for his total commitment and that of his printers, Lamplight Group Limited, the book would never have been published in time for the exhibition.

The book contains more than 100 vibrant images of Mim's artwork. There are contributions from Professor Helen Weston, Emeritus Professor of History of Art, University College, London, and Dr Mark Godfrey from the Slade, University of London, and Mavis Hyman, as well as excerpts from a letter that Miriam wrote in 1993.

All profits from the sale of the book will go to the Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust.

We are deeply grateful to all those who worked so diligently and caringly in Mim's memory. All we can say is thank you, and bless you.

"Mimento: Paintings and Pastels by Miriam Hyman" £12.00+pp.  To order online click here

Mayor of London's Press Release

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