9th Anniversary of 7/7

9th Anniversary of 7/7
7th July 2014
On Monday 07 July 2014 we kept our tradition of meeting at Golders Hill Park, which Mim knew and loved.

4pm onwards
The cafe near the top gate
Golders Hill Park, North End Way, Golders Green, London NW11
Plus over the road at the Bull & Bush pub due to rain!

The ninth anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings fell on a Monday, so we held our annual gathering a little later than usual. We have upheld this tradition of meeting up to support each other through what would otherwise be a much more difficult day.

Esther writes:
This year something really special happened on the anniversary - the Art activities in our education resource, "Miriam's Vision", were delivered in an off-timetable day for a group of twenty students at our development partner school, Copthall School. I managed to attend the beginning of the day's session before heading to Hyde Park for the gathering there, and it was such an appropriate and uplifting way for me to start the day :-) Mavis went along for the last hour too.

My biggest reason for going to the Hyde Park memorial, as always, was to see the people connected with the events of 7/7 with whom I have become close, and exchange life-affirming hugs with them :-) Thank you to the Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Foundation for Peace for organising the event again.

We knew that fewer people would be able to make it to Golders Hill Park this year, but we are so grateful to friends and neighbours who came along, and for the many, many messages from those who weren't there. Your love and support for us and for Mim continue to be a most appreciated source of strength to us.

We arrived as planned around 4pm and were just starting to really get into the swing of it an hour or so later, starting to think about what flavour ice cream to choose, when the heavens opened, and not just with a passing shower... Given the heavily overcast skies we decided to abandon plans for tree-climbing and ice-cream in favour of the shelter of the Bull & Bush pub. We stayed there until some time after 7.30 and, as always, left feeling very much cheered and relaxed.

This is the first year that I haven't taken any photos at all on the anniversary - I was too taken up in the moment (and the rain)! So I apologise for not having any to post on this page!

My biggest regret is that the rain prevented us from completing our annual mission of climbing a tree on Mim's behalf. So I am determined to do that at the Third Annual MHMT Benefit Cricket Match on Sunday 20 July instead! Join us if you can.

Thank you again for your support, those who came to Golders Hill Park, got in touch and those generous people who donated to the MHMT to mark the day.