8th Anniversary of 7/7

8th Anniversary of 7/7
7th July 2013
On Sunday 07 July 2013 we kept our tradition of meeting at Golders Hill Park, which Mim knew and loved.

1pm to around 6pm
The cafe near the top gate
Golders Hill Park, North End Way, Golders Green, London NW11
Plus over the road at the Bull & Bush pub, depending on the weather

This year the anniversary fell on a very sunny Sunday, so more people than usual were able to join us. We continued our tradition of meeting up to support each other through what would otherwise be a much more difficult day.

We hung out under the trees by the cafe near the top entrance to the park. This year the weather was so beautiful that we never made it to the Bull & Bush! It was a perfect day, if it weren't for the absence of friends who wanted to come but had other commitments. We received a huge number of messages of support by phone, post, email and through Facebook.

The final tradition we tried to keep is climbing a tree for Mim! Esther made it into the nook of a low tree! Mim loved nature and climbing trees, so we do it on her behalf :-)

Didn't manage to capture a photo of the crowd at its peak, but you get the idea :)

A HUGE THANK YOU to Mim's loved ones, as well as those of our faithful friends who didn't know Mim directly but still came along to Golders Hill Park. Thank you also to everyone who got in touch with us to wish us on the day.

THIS is the way Mim would have wanted us to remember her - with love and laughter :)