7th Anniversary of 7/7

7th Anniversary of 7/7
7th July 2012
On Saturday 07 July 2012, we kept our tradition of meeting at Golders Hill Park, which Mim knew and loved.

This year it fell on a Saturday, so several friends were able to join us who don't usually make it. We continued our tradition of meeting up to support each other through what would otherwise be a much more difficult day.

Esther says: "The anniversary went incredibly well. Having swapped hugs with people I've come to know in the "7/7 community" at Hyde Park, I made my way to Golders Hill Park and it was just a blessed afternoon, the proof of which was the weather, which allowed all of us to enjoy being together outdoors ALL afternoon, the sun even graced us with its presence briefly from time to time!

"I seem to mostly have photos of people eating ice cream! We never even made it to the Bull & Bush this year, especially as all the children were having so much fun in the park.

"The final tradition we continued was climbing a tree for Mim! She loved nature and climbing trees, so we do it on her behalf :-)

"A wonderful tribute to Mim that we all left feeling so uplifted, and I was even sad when everyone made their way home around 6pm"