5th Anniversary of 7/7

5th Anniversary of 7/7
7th July 2010
2:00pm, Golder's Hill Park, North End Road entrance, Hampstead, London NW11 7QP

On this fifth anniversary of 7/7, we continued our tradition of meeting at Golder's Hill Park, this year at the later time of 2:00pm because some of us attended the gathering at the Hyde Park Memorial at midday. We made a toast, remembered Mim together and supported each other through what would otherwise have been a more difficult day.

This year we stayed close to the top gate, sitting outside the cafe and going for walks. We made our way to the Bull and Bush, and this year we didn't feel like leaving so we stayed for food at the pub and didn't go home until 10pm - much later than usual!

Of course, the final tradition we continued was climbing a tree for Mim!

Over the period of the fifth anniversary of 7/7 the MHMT received a lot of media coverage internationally.

BBC1, "7/7 - Saved by a Miracle?" 05 July
BBC Breakfast07 July
ITN News 07 July
ITV Meridian Tonight, 07 July
BBC Oxford News, 02 July & 07 July 
NTV Broadcasting Company News (Russia) 07 July
Agence France Presse 07 July
Channel 4, "4thought.tv" 08 July 7.55pm
Several international interviews given at the Hyde Park Memorial 07 July, including China, Ukraine and Spain

BBC Radio Leeds 07 July
BBC Asian Network 07 July
BBC Radio Oxford 02 July & 07 July

In print
Stylist Magazine Issue 36, 30 June
Radio Times 03-09 July 
London Evening Standard 05 July
Sankei Shimbun (Japanese newspaper) 07 July
Woman's Weekly 13 July