2nd Anniversary of 7/7

2nd Anniversary of 7/7
7th July 2007
07 July 2007, Golders Hill Park, North End Road, London NW3

We decided that on 7th July each year we will go back to Golders Hill Park to mark the anniversary of the London Bombings.

This year around thirty people, on and off, were able to join us at the park. Unlike last year, Mavis came too. We gathered at 11.30am for a short silence at 12.00pm and a toast to all the vicitims of the London bombings, and one to Mim.

Like last year, everyone brought a picnic and, making the most of the rare good weather, we stayed in the park until around 6.30 and didn't bother going to the Bull and Bush pub.

As usual, the day took on a party atmosphere and I was reminded of Mim's wish that she could gather together all her different circles of friends for a party. And once again, being in the company of Mim's loved-ones in a lovely outdoor environment seemed to us to be the most appropriate way to spend the day.

Thank you to everyone who joined us that day and to everyone who was not able to be there but sent messages of support. I know that there were many people who would have liked to come but who were unable to. Hopefully you will be able to join us next year.