1st Anniversary of 7/7

1st Anniversary of 7/7
7th July 2006
Friday 07 July 2006, Golders Hill Park, London NW3

On the day of Miriam's funeral (17 July 2005) her sister Esther organised a gathering in Golders Hill Park where Miriam played as a child. In the absence of a wake this seemed like the most appropriate way to bring Miriam's loved-ones together. The outdoor setting was perfect and it was an afternoon filled with warmth.

That day we had the idea of returning to Golders Hill Park on the first anniversary of 7/7 and in the approach to the day we remembered this idea and decided to arrange a gathering in the park so that Miriam's loved-ones would be able to support each other through this difficult day.

So on 7th July 2006 we met at the sculpture in Golder's Hill Park around 11.30 in time for the national two-minutes' silence at midday. Afterwards we raised a toast to all of the victims of the London bombings and to Miriam. People brought picnics and we spent the next few hours talking, sharing memories of Mim and enjoying the surroundings.

Mim loved being outdoors and had a thing about climbing trees, so some of us climbed trees on her behalf!

After a few hours at the Park those who were still with us made our way to the Bull and Bush pub garden where we pushed tables together and passed the rest of the afternoon in each others' company.

By the end of the afternoon I felt like I had been to a party! Around 70 people managed to join us over the course of the day. It was an uplifting day and we have decided to do the same each year on 7/7. I will never dread the day in the same way again, knowing that I will be surrounded by Mim's loved-ones and my own.

Once again I am reminded of the wisdom of the words of Rabbi Emmanuel at Miriam's funeral: "Support each other, for through our support we have strength"

Thank you to everyone who joined us that day and to everyone who was not able to be there but sent messages of support. I know that there were many people who would have liked to come but who were unable to. Hopefully you will be able to join us next year.

A special thank you to Keiron and Becca from the Hobgoblin, Cowley Road, Oxford, for their generous contribution of champagne and other drinks, and to Adam for organising the food!

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