National Curriculum

The Miriam's Vision modules meet these UK curriculum requirements.


Physical Education KS3

Students should be taught to perform dances using advanced dance techniques within a range of dance styles and forms


Physical Education KS3

Creative Activities

Through their creative, adventurous and competitive activities they plan, practise and improve their

performance so that they can enjoy being able to perform consistently well. As confidence grows, so does their ability to take part in activities that become technically more demanding.

Skills Framework 3-19 years

Northern Ireland

Physical Education

Develop pupils’ Knowledge, Understanding and Skills; practise, refine and develop skills

and specific techniques (eg. using strategies, tactics, choreographic and/or compositional principles)

and use these with consistency

(Objective 2) Developing pupils as contributors to society; Explore issues related to Cultural


The Arts: Drama

Developing pupils Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

(Objective 2) Developing pupils as Contributors to Society;

  • Explore how drama reflects and gives insight into a range of cultures
  • Explore how drama is used to educate about and resolve issues of social concern


Expressive Arts

Participation in Performances and Presentations


I can participate in dance styles and activities which challenge and extend my repertoire of movement and my knowledge of the styles and cultures of dance. (EXA 4-10a)


I can demonstrate sensitivity, precision and depth in the portrayal of a character, conveying relationships and situations in a variety of settings and to different audiences. (EXA 4-12a)