National Curriculum

The Miriam's Vision modules meet these UK curriculum requirements.


Citizenship KS3

Teaching should develop pupils’ understanding of democracy, government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Pupils should use and apply their knowledge and understanding while developing skills to research and interrogate evidence, debate and evaluate viewpoints, present reasoned arguments and take informed action.

Pupils should be taught about:

  • The development of the political system of democratic government in the United Kingdom, including the roles of citizens [and] Parliament.
  • The precious liberties enjoyed by the citizens of the United Kingdom
  • The nature of rules and laws and the justice system, including the role of the police and the operation of courts and tribunals
  • The roles played by public institutions and voluntary groups in society, and the ways in which citizens work together to improve their communities (including opportunities to participate in school-based activities)


Personal and Social Education Framework 7-19; Active Citizenship

Learners are equipped with the skills which will enable them to acquire greater self-assurance. They are encouraged to manage diverse relationships in society and cope with the increasing influence of peer pressure and the media. This allows them to be more confident in addressing the challenges of active citizenship and effective learning.

Skills Framework 3-19 years

Northern Ireland

Learning for Life and Work; Local and Global Citizenship

Key Concepts: -

  • Human Rights and Social Responsibility
  • Equality and Social Justice
  • Democracy and Active Participation


Global Citizenship

Health and Well-being

Mental and Emotional Well-being; I am learning skills and strategies which will support me in challenging times, particularly in relation to change and loss.

Social Well-being; As I explore the rights to which I and others are entitled, I am able to exercise these rights appropriately and accept the responsibilities that go with them. I show respect for the rights of others.

Social Studies

People in Society, Economy and Business

  • Through discussion, I have identified aspects of a social issue to investigate and by gathering information I can assess its impact and the attitudes of the people affected. (SOC 4-16b)
  • I can analyse the factors contributing to the development of a multicultural society and can express an informed view on issues associated with this. (SOC 4-16c)
  • I can critically analyse the relative importance of the contribution of individuals or groups in bringing about change in a significant political event. (SOC 4-17a)
  • I can debate the reasons why some people participate less than others in the electoral process and can express informed views about the importance of participating in a democracy.(SOC 4-18b)
  • I can contribute to a discussion on the actions and motives of a group or organisation which seeks to achieve its aims by nondemocratic means. (SOC4-18c)