Task 5: Choreograph a sequence

Dance (Ages 11-14)
Task 5: Choreograph a sequence
Key Messages
  • Odissi continues to thrive and evolve and is often referred to in cross-cultural contexts
  • Students will work cooperatively to choreograph and perform a creative sequence
  • The sequence will include at least one feature observed in Odissi
  • The sequence will have a descriptive narrative focusing on identity
  • Students perform and discuss their sequence


Recap the 45 second sequence from Task 4 with questions. Main point to bring out: The descriptive narrative focused on the identity of a character.

Explain that students will be choreographing a creative piece that describes someone.


The brief:

  • Work in groups of two, three of four.
  • Choose a character to describe (one of the group, someone from the school community, someone famous etc).
  • Choreograph a sequence (length depending on the ability of your group) using any style or mixture of styles you want, but it must include at least one Odissi element that they have observed, for example at least one stance, hand gesture, use of space etc.

Give students time to practise and refine their sequence. Additionally, you may wish to set this as homework.


Each group performs their sequence for the rest of the class.

If they don’t already know who the other groups’ dances are based on, can they interpret who it is?

Can the audience pick out the element of Odissi that each group has used?

Did the groups fulfill the brief?