Add Ons (Ages 11-14)

Young people who are easily radicalised often lack self-esteem and a sense of belonging. A constructive alternative is needed. Engaging in altruistic activities makes a positive difference to the lives of others and helps to develop a sense of purpose and self-worth.

Key Messages

Over 200 learners who have used parts of Miriam’s Vision fed back to us in the Miriam's Vision Evaluation & Impact Study. A substantial number of learners expressed a desire to raise funds for the Miriam Hyman Children’s Eye Care Centre. This fundraiser engages any year group(s) in inter-related activities that make a positive impact in the real world.

For information on donations, see our Miriam Hyman Children's Eye Care Centre pages.

  • To develop self-esteem through supporting others
  • To raise funds for the Outreach Programme at the MHCECC in Odisha, India

A whole school, key stage or year group fundraiser

Links to National Curriculum

There are links to Business & Enterprise, and the PSHE non-statutory curriculum, that you can refer to if desired.

  • Preparing students for the challenges of adult life.
  • Developing empathy and cooperation
  • Exploring what it means to be enterprising and assessing their own needs, interests, values, skills, abilities and attitudes in relation to options in learning, work and enterprise.
  • Improve economic understanding and develop approaches to working with others, problem-solving and action planning.
  • Students will develop and maintain self-esteem and envisage a positive future in the workplace.

This is a non-prescriptive suggestion for fundraising in response to feedback.

  • An event could take the form of an off-timetable afternoon with products and services for sale.
  • You could hold a sponsored activity or series of activities.
  • The theme could be Vision (relating to the MHCECC), or India (relating to the location of the MHCECC - see our Art, Dance and Geography modules), or any theme that interests students.
  • You could include products of the Miriam's Vision Art and Dance modules for display.
  • You could invite the local community, relatives and friends.
  • You could seek support from local businesses.
  • You could refer to the Business & Enterprise curriculum to focus on more academic aspects of the planning and execution of your event.