Dedications, acknowledgments and tributes

John, Mavis and Esther Hyman would like to thank the publishers and authors of the following books which have either been dedicated, specially acknowledged or where a tribute has been made to Miriam.

2005 Bill BrysonA Short History of Nearly Everything, Transworld Publishing
2005 Judith HolderIt's Grim Up North, BBC Books
2005 Philip WilkinsonYangtze, BBC Books
2005 Tim Haines & Paul ChambersA Complete Guide to Prehistoric Life, BBC Books
2005 David AttenboroughLife in the Undergrowth, BBC Books
2005 Rabbi Dr Ezekiel N MusleahNo Shortcuts to Far Horizons: Pioneering Paths from Jewish India, Blitzprint Inc.
2006 Pat Henshaw & Veronique HendersonColour Me Confident, Hamlyn London
2006 Sarah HopperMothers, Mystics and Merrymakers - Medieval Women Pilgrims, Sutton Publishing

Miriam was working on “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson in 2005