A safer, more inclusive society

In partnering the L V Prasad Eye Institute, the MHMT shares its vision of eliminating avoidable childhood blindness globally.

LVPEI is a partner in the World Health Organization's global initiative, Vision 2020: The Right to Sight. There is now an average of 10,000 Outpatients appointments (25% without charge) and 1,000 surgeries per year (50% without charge) at the Miriam Hyman Children's Eye Care Centre and their Outreach work spreads their services even further.

In 2015 the MHMT launched Miriam's legacy, Miriam's Vision: A Response to the 2005 London Bombings. This unique set of lesson plans and accompanying materials is based on Miriam's story and makes reference to her memorial, the MHCECC. In light of Miriam's story, we are working towards a vision of a safer, more inclusive society, respecting fundamental human rights.