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Fundraising target achieved: Glaucoma Unit

With YOUR help The MHMT reached its fundraising target to extend capacity in the Glaucoma Unit at the MHCECC by donating much-needed equipment. 

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye where the optic nerve suffers progressive and irreversible damage because of increased pressure inside the eyeball, and leads to blindness if there is no timely intervention. This disease may be present at birth or can occur later in life. Early diagnosis and treatment means glaucoma can be adequately managed.

The Miriam Hyman Children’s Eye Care Centre is the only facility for the ongoing treatment of glaucoma in the state of Orissa where there is a population of approximately 50 million. The equipment we provided identifies, treats and manages this potentially blinding disease.

We raised £16,000 for this project. Our next target is £50,000 to enable an MHCECC consultant to receive training abroad in advanced paediatric ophthalmology.

Please support us - visit our donate page for lots of fundraising ideas - THANK YOU!

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